National Creators Award 2024 Registration: Voting Dates, Categories

National Creators Award 2024 Registration is open, nominate now and select creators categories. The Indian government has announced the prestigious National Creators Award to honor and celebrate the remarkable contributions of modern-day influencers. There are different categories you can apply online and complete your registration. The primary objective of the National Creators Award is to shine a spotlight on a diverse array of voices and talents that are driving India’s growth and shaping its cultural narrative. This is a great initiative started by the Central Government of India, Tech Creators Award, best creator in Gaming and other categories.

This initiative aimed to acknowledge individuals who are actively fostering positive social change and driving innovation. Also creating an atmosphere of digital India as highlighted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been vocal about recognizing the transformative potential of the creator economy.

National Creators Award 2024 registration

National Creators Award 2024 Registration

The government of India, MyGov has started a national Creators Award which seeks digital innovators and content creators for their significant contributions to India’s digital landscape. We all know that in our country there are many content creators. The information about National Creators Award was provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi through a tweet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter a great opportunity for our creator community to put the spotlight on extraordinary talent across India. Whether they are innovating inspiring or igniting change we want to celebrate our Yuva Shakti. So Step Up take part and let Nation Cheers for talented creators. To participate in the national craters award you need to nominate your favorite creator across 20 + categories.

National Creators Award 2024 categories:

There are different types of categories for which you can submit your nomination and complete National Creators Award 2024 Registration on or before the last date.

Best storyteller award: In this category recognizing creators who promote India’s rich cultural heritage through creative storytelling.

Disruptor of the Year: In this category government of India onering greater who challenge conventional norms and drive significant innovation or change in their respective fields.

Celebrity Creator of the Year: In this category, acknowledge profile influencers who leverage their celebrity status to inspire positive change and create impactful content.

Green Champion award: The influencer Who advocates environmental production sustainability and green practices.

Best creator of social change: Recognising creators who use their platform to advocate for social and charitable causes inclusivity empowerment and other positive initiatives.

Most impact full agri creator: In this category government honors creators who educate and showcase new farming techniques and equipment to benefit the agriculture sector.

Cultural Ambassador of the Year: Recognising individuals who promote Indian culture through diverse content across various cultural aspects.

International creator awards: In this category, the government orders an influential-based approach that contributes to augmenting India’s culture and soft power on a global scale.

Best travel creator award: In this category, the government celebrates craters who showcase India series tourism potential through their content.

Swachh Ambassador award: In this category, the government recognizes creators who actively promote cleanliness and hygiene practices.

New India campaign award: Acknowledging influencers, who showcase India’s achievements and raise awareness about government policies and National Building initiatives.

Tech creator award: In this category government-ordered influencers who simplify Technology offering inside rebus and Recommendations on the latest innovations and gadgets.

Heritage Fashion Icon Award: In this category, the government recognizes characters who promote local clothing brands.

Most creative creators (male and female): The government of India recognizes influencers who offer entertaining and socially impactful content.

Best creator in the food category: In this category those creators who review, and create food-related content to promote India’s diverse food culture.

Best creator in the education category: In this category, the government honors craters in the educational sector who provide Informational content to learners.

Best creator in the gaming category: In this category, the government recognizes creators who engage their audience through gameplay reviews or sports commentary.

Best Nano creator: Recognising Nano creators who engage interact and Foster personal connections with their audience.

Best health and fitness creator: In this category government brings craters who focus on health Wellness fitness and encourage a healthier Lifestyle through their content.

Selection process:

The selection of influences involves a nomination phase screening of nominations public voting and a review by the jury panel. The winners will be determined based on a combination of jury and public votes ensuring of fair and transparent selection process. Additionally, the specific categories such as the International Creator Award and the Tech Greater Award highlight influencer-based approaches and those who simplify Technology respectively. In these categories undergo the same selection process ensuring equal consideration for all nominees.

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Important dates of the National Creators Award

  • Starting date of nomination – 10th February 2024
  • Last date of nomination – 21st February 2024

Eligibility criteria:

There are some eligibility requirements:

  • The participant must be 18 years or its above For the nomination.
  • 19 categories are open for individuals of Indian nationality.
  • The content must be published on one or more of the following digital platforms Instagram YouTube Twitter LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • The content submission can be in English or any other Indian language.
  • The creator can nominate in a maximum of 3 categories.

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How to apply for National Creators Award 2024 registration

There are some simple steps that you need to follow to complete National Creators Award 2024 registration easily:

  • On the homepage, you need to select the nominate now option.
  • New page display on your screen.
  • You need to choose your nationality and enter your full name
  • In the next section, you need to provide all the information.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • At the last Submit your nomination.


What is National Creators Award?

Indian government has announced the prestigious National Creators Award to honor and celebrate the remarkable contributions of modern-day influencers

How to apply online National Creators Award?

Complete details provided above.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

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