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In the state of Kerala, the auspicious festival of Onam brings with it not only joyous celebrations but also the much-anticipated Onam Bumper lottery. This year’s lottery has set new milestones, capturing the hearts of millions with its colossal first prize of Rs 25 crore. As the ticket sales skyrocketed, breaking previous records, the dream of becoming a crorepati became more tangible for hopeful participants.

In this blog, we delve into the extraordinary success of the Onam Bumper 2023, the alluring prizes, concerns over ticket availability, the impact on state finances, and the profound significance of the lottery in transforming lives.

Onam Bumper Lottery Result 2024

Onam Bumper Lottery 2023 Draw Result

Kerala lottery next bumper 2024 br-91

  • On the very first day of ticket sales, an astonishing 4.5 lakh tickets were sold out, creating a buzz of excitement and frenzy among the masses.
  • The massive surge in ticket purchases surpassed the sales figures from the previous year, reflecting the immense popularity and allure of the Onam Bumper lottery.
  • The staggering first prize of Rs 25 crore emerged as the driving force behind the overwhelming enthusiasm witnessed in the initial sales.

Onam Bumper Lottery 2024 Tickets Price

  • As the Onam Bumper 2023 lured participants with the promise of life-changing rewards, the prize structure proved exceptionally attractive.
  • The grand prize of Rs 25 crore made dreams of a luxurious and secure future within reach for the lucky winner.
  • Twenty participants were set to be bestowed with the second prize, an impressive Rs 1 crore each, while another set of twenty winners would be awarded Rs 50 lakhs each for the third prize.
  • The cost of a ticket was set at a reasonable Rs 500, making the opportunity to participate accessible to a wide range of people.

Onam Bumper Lottery 2024 Online Purchase

  • The initial delivery of 6 lakh tickets to district offices aimed to ensure the widespread availability of tickets throughout the state.
  • However, as demand soared to unforeseen heights, concerns arose among lottery agents regarding the potential shortage of tickets.
  • The unprecedented surge in ticket sales posed a significant challenge for the authorities in efficiently distributing tickets to eager participants.

Record-breaking total Awards and Commissions

  • The Onam Bumper 2024’s extraordinary success extended beyond ticket sales, with the total number of awards reaching an astounding 5,34,670, compared to 3,97,911 from the previous year.
  • As the lottery sales soared, so did the commissions for lottery retailers, reflecting the immense popularity and financial viability of the Onam Bumper lottery.
  • Amidst a period of financial crisis, the surging lottery sales provided a glimmer of hope and optimism for the government.

Thiruvonam Bumper Tickets 2024 Enhanced Security Measures

Onam Bumper 2024 Ticket Price, Draw Result, Online Purchase

  • Learning from the previous year’s complete sell-out of all printed tickets, the government took proactive measures to prevent ticket fraud.
  • The usage of luminous ink in the printing of Thiruvonam bumper tickets served as an effective security measure, ensuring the authenticity of each ticket.
  • The focus on transparency and fairness was paramount to maintaining the credibility of the lottery and instillinging confidence among participants. Kerala Finance Department Rejects Prize Money Hike
  • A proposal to raise the first prize to Rs 30 crore was met with rejection by the Kerala Finance Department.
  • A recap of the previous prize structure revealed that the second prize was Rs 5 crore for one winner, and the third prize was Rs 1 crore for ten winners each.
  • The government’s decision to maintain the existing prize amounts aimed to strike a balance between attracting participants and managing financial resources.

How to check Onam Bumper Lottery Result?

Onam Bumper Lottery 2023 Draw Result is available at the official website.

  • Go to the official website.
  • On the homepage select the “Onam Bumper Lottery result option.
  • Now result page appears on your screen.
  • Complete details about applicants who were selected as winners list.
  • Check the details carefully.

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