Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign In Rajasthan: MGNREGA Workers

Rajasthan state government has launched Rajasthan pura kaam pura Daam for Mgnrega workers. Which campaign launched by State rural development department to motivate MGNREGA worker. Which campaign launched under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act scheme. This will help in completing work assigned to the workers so they can get full pages and also and sure improving work side management. Today in this article we will share your complete information regarding poora kaam poora Dam campaign.

Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Abhiyan

Pura Kaam Pura Daam

As we all know that Rajasthan government has launched at various welfare schemes for the betterment of state people. This campaign launched for the workers under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural employment guarantee act. The maximum wages under MGNREGA is Rs. 220, and workers will get their amount paid of work done against task assigned to them. In Rajasthan average wage rate is Rs. 162. And discrepancies is noticed that in the payment of wages over past 4 to 5 years. If you want to know more about Rajasthan pura kaam pura Daam abhiyan then read this whole article till the end.

Major Highlights of Rajasthan pura kam pura Daam

  • Name of campaign – Rajasthan pura kaam pura Daam
  • Launched by – rajasthan government
  • Main objective – for mgnrega workers, full wages to labourers and proper worksite management.
  • Approved by – chief Minister Ashok Gahlot
  • Department – state ruler development department

Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam for MGNREGA Workers

We all know that, mahatma Gandhi National Rural employment grantee act provide employment opportunities to the workers. Rajasthan government will encourage Everest to register a complaint about absent worker. The maids will be trained father and government is focusing on increasing the involvement of women maids 50% who can motivate the labourers better.
Awareness will be created and workers about advantage of completing the task assigned to them.

In this we can say that there is of low rate of wages indicate poor work site management. Meet but aap not motivating their fellow workers to complete their assigned work however few workers are doing their work properly. And some ignorance about the amount of task to be assigned to the workers by the technical staff and mates. Government wants to improve and correct implementation would be taken under pura kam pura Dam campaign.

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Rajasthan pura kaam pura Daam

The average wages rate in Rajasthan is 160 rupees. It has been observed that due to low wages rate the overall loss incurred by Rajasthan labourers is around rs 2400 crore. Rajasthan government will encourage labourers to register complaint in case of an absence worker. Also the technical staff and worksite supervisor responsible for fraud release of payment. Poor peoples are crushed suffer due to this in the current situation pressure to increase average which is rate they are making higher payment for less work.

Final Words: I hope you will get complete information regarding Rajasthan poora kam poora Daam abhiyan. For more updated information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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