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Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana, a pilot project, will be launched soon. The project is titled “Telangana Dalit Bandhu Details” and will start in Huzurabad assembly constituency. In the past, KCR has made plans for the people of Karimnagar. They are Rythu Bandhu in Huzurabad and Rythu Bhima in Karimnagar. The KCR government has a partnership with East Karimnagar district.

Telangana roaring unrest started in Karimnagar district and spread to Telangana districts, the unrest for a separate state. Telangana CM Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to start the pilot project as it was the dream project of Telangana government. The main objective of Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana is to improve the socio-economic condition of the Dalit communities living in Telangana.

Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Details

Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana

On Sunday 18th July 2021, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. K Chandrashekhar Rao said this in a review meeting held at Pragati Bhavan. He said there is a lack of trust in the ruling governments to reduce the Dalit community to their socio-economic development. Apart from this, he also said that the fault lies in the policies framed and executed by the previous governments. Now the policy should be removed. However, distrust must end and trust must be built. The present government in power fights for the development process and intends to instill confidence in the Dalit community.

About Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2022

CM, Mr. K Chandrashekhar Rao of Telangana talks about the importance of Dalit participation in economic production activities such as manufacturing. In the society, for many years, still discrimination against Dalits has started on the basis of caste, gender and other factors.

In Telangana, social discrimination causes great harm to individuals, families, society and the nation. The next scheme will focus on helping the talented section of the downtrodden. The state government of TS will choose the downtrodden sections as partners in the development of the state and the nation.

In Telangana, state government has launched dalitha Bandhu Telangana scheme in Telugu. Also interested and eligible candidates can apply online for dalitha bandhu telangana. Many state people who wants to get information regarding dalit bandhu scheme. For the Chief Minister said that, rs 1.70 lakh crore would be required to cover all rs 17 lakh dalit families in the state. If 30000 crore to rs 40,000 is it spent team can be covered the entire state in next 4 years.

Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme Features

  • Financial assistance to Dalit families without bank guarantee.
  • The government plans to allocate Rs 10 lakh per unit, to the family as a unit.
  • One hundred families will be selected from each of the 119 electoral districts of the Vidhan Sabha.
  •  The government has released Rs 1200 crore for the scheme in the remaining 118 constituencies.
  •  The pilot project in Huzurabad will start on “Saturation Basis”.
  •  The estimated expenditure in Huzurabad constituency will be INR 1500 to INR 2000 Crores only.
  • The plan is to support talented people among 20,929 Dalit families in Huzurabad Assembly Constituency. 8. Government of Telangana will appoint about 100 senior officers in the implementation of Huzurabad Constituency (Pilot Project).
  • In case the condition of the families deteriorates under any circumstances, the government allocates a security fund to protect their interests.
  • The project will organize a workshop for 100 senior officials before launching the scheme in Huzurabad constituency.
  • The pilot project will be reviewed and reviewed after its implementation. The government will later decide to extend the scheme to the remaining districts of the state.

Statistical Data: Huzurabad Electoral District: The statistics say that the number of Dalit families residing in Huzurabad Assembly Constituency is 20,929 out of a total of 70,000. A cross section of the figures in the following Huzurabad divisions, (Huzurabad: 5,323), (Kamlapur: 4,346), (Jammikunta: 4,996), (Vinakavanka: 3,678) and (Ilanthakunta: 2,568).

Participation of all parties: Discussion on Dalit plan: The program highlighted the development plans of Dalits and many party leaders participated in it. Prominent members who attended the meeting include SC Ministers, CPM State Secretaries, MIM MLAs, TS State SC/ST Commission Presidents, Chief Secretaries, Congress Legislature Party Leaders and BJP leaders etc.

Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana Details 2022 Majority Dalit Community

Telangana Chief Minister takes unanimous decisions in an all-party meeting with Dalit MLAs. The whole family would be a unit, and the family would receive Rs 1,000,000 without any bank guarantee. Telangana government will deposit money in empowerment dalit account without any problem. The government will discuss the projects and, as required, will be initiated to achieve better economic empowerment.

The main objective of Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana is to create self-reliance among the Dalit communities. The current budget allocation will improve and most Dalit families will benefit. Government officials will analyze the entire project. Thereafter, additional funds will be allocated. This amount will benefit the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Concrete steps to empower Dalits However, the CM has directed officials to identify dedicated and honest employees. And those employees will work in the area for the Dalit empowerment program “Telangana Dalit Bandhu”.

How to apply online Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2022?

Follow below mentioned common used application procedure.

KCR Kit Amount Status

  • First navigate to official website. [official website link updated soon]
  • On the homepage select ” telangana dalit bandhu scheme application form” option.
  • A new webpage displayed on your screen.
  • Now have to enter all the required information and upload necessary documents.
  • At last click at submit option.

Conclusion: I hope you we describe all required details for telangana dalit bandhu scheme. In case have any question ask us comment sections.

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