Paray Paray Samadhan Scheme in west bengal 2022: Instant solution

Government of West Bengal has started paray paray samadhan Scheme 2022. Under this scheme state government would provide instant solution to all the local problems that faced by State people in their daily lives. Government of West Bengal is going to start wb paray paray samadhan Scheme programme. Today in this article we will share you complete information regarding this initiative. Also state people are able to get complete information and new updates about paray paray samadhan Scheme.

Recently west bengal government has introduced which scheme which offer instant solution to the local problems. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday announced a month and half-long community outreach program paray paray samadhaan to resolve local problems. In these local problems such as constructing culverts, adding a schoolrooms or even repairing water pipelines.

West Bengal paray paray samadhan Scheme 2022

West Bengal paray paray samadhan Scheme

We all know that, west bengal government has introduced various welfare schemes for the upliftment of state people. Now Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced a new program under which quick solution of local issues. These issues include problem at local level, and people will get instant solution from officials. Government has included local problems such as local problems in village, constructing culverts, school rooms related problems, repairing of water pipelines, adding new school buildings etc.

Key Details of West Bengal Instant samadhan Scheme 2022

Name of SchemeInstant samadhan Scheme
Statewest Bengal
Launched Bygovernment of West Bengal
Date of announcement28th December 2020
Starting date02 January 2021
Last date15th february 2021
Main benefitsquick solution of local problems
Benefitsstate people

paray paray samadhan Scheme 2022 Latest Updates

West Bengal Government, launch this program on Saturday and will work on all the projects requiring fund upto 5 lakh by January. The program aims to resolve local problems and community level issues. 9 senior profits will be the part of state level task force that will monitor all the work. Antara Bhattacharya KMDA CEO, etah sports member will supervise all the projects and that this is scheme. According to the reports, this is came will complement duare sarkar compaign and take to reach out all individuals. The bengal government has already created a database of around 10000 issues that can be solved.

As per Fast Track work district magistrates has been asked to identify receivable projects and tender of the work immediately to implementing agencies. Also Kolkata Municipal Corporation will be of primary limiting agency in Kolkata. West Bengal Instant samadhan Scheme having an estimated Rs. 01 Crore tender notice of a week and scheme their project cost is pegged at Rs bank road to Tonk road wheeler require a tender notice of front night.

WB paray paray samadhan Scheme Miss Mode implementation procedure

Chief Minister also mentioned that problems of the people need to be solved in a mission mode. For smooth implementation, chief Minister also attracted the officials to proactive. Chief Minister also directed to backward classes welfare department principal secretary to hold camps in a localities where scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe people lives in large numbers. There is a common problem that caste certificate issuance is delayed. Now government has organized camp to issue caste certificate.

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And in case any family member to just a caste certificate then another applicant from that family should be granted a caste certificate quickly. West Bengal Instant samadhan Scheme 2022 is a great initiative that taken by government. There is another decision that taken by State government to grant one time tiffin allowance of 5000 to Staff for 2 months. This allowance given to the staff they worked in duare sarkar camps.

Final Words: I hope you will get complete information regarding Instant samadhan Scheme in west bengal. For more updates stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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