Rourkela city festival 2023 tickets booking, RKL Fest Tickets Price

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The FIH Men’s Hockey Global Cup 2023 is one of the largest and most-seen world championships in history. The Birsa Munda and Kalinga Stadiums in Rourkela and Bhubaneswar host exciting games. And now, finally, there is a brand-new occasion called Rourkela City Festival 2023 that will take place from January 14 to 22 of 2023 and feature a performance by your favourite musician.

Sonu Nigam and Divya Kumar come to mind first when discussing the performing arts. Disha Patani as well as Salman Yusuff and Shamak Dawar as choreographers Along with my own performance, Guru Randhawa, a well-known Punjabi singer, will be there. Amit Trivedi, Niti Mohan, and Harshdeep Kaur.

Rourkela city festival 2023 tickets booking

Rourkela city festival 2023 tickets booking

Various Singers will perform current classical Sufi songs throughout the event night. Prior to the seats selling out, snag yours as soon as you can. The procedure of purchasing tickets will begin on Monday, January 9, 2023, working tomorrow from Sunday. The official website where you may get tickets is listed below.

Additionally, we outline the entire procedure for purchasing early bird tickets. At the conclusion of this post, the ticket pricing will also be revealed. Stay in touch with us therefore. enjoy this article as well If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

RKL City Fest 2023 Tickets

In Odisha Rourkela, hockey passion is at an all-time high. There are also street food festivals, music events, and several other activities. In the most recent Eat Right Street Food Mela, a large number of tourists sampled the delectable vendors in the Basant region. From January 13 to January 29, 2023, Bhubaneswar and Rourkela will host the hockey men’s World Cup. In these two towns, the excitement for this major international event is palpable.

People are drawn to the culture of programmes where dancers perform as music is being presented during the Mela. However, anticipation for the RKL City Fest 2023 is even higher. For the Fest, the organisation offers an online ticketing service. On Sunday, January 9, the second RKL Fest ticket ordering period will begin. We will provide a direct link to the official website where you can purchase tickets here, but the website won’t be up until tomorrow.

Rourkela fest 2023 tickets

The FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup RKL Fest Odisha will begin on January 14 and run through January 22, 2023.

Melan Ground Sector 13 is where the event will take place, along with other pertinent information. This is one of the most significant events to take place in Rourkela, Odisha, this year, so you should absolutely go and take in the musical evening including well-known actors, singers, and stage performers.

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How much will tickets cost for Rourkela City Fest 2023?

If you’re wondering how much a Rourkela City Festival ticket will cost per person in 2023, read on. Tomorrow, January 9, you can learn the response to this query. We anticipate that the cost of the tickets would be affordable, allowing anybody to attend and take pleasure in the festival in Rourkela.

Standing tickets cost Rs. 100; seated tickets cost Rs. 500; and VIP tickets cost Rs. 750.

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