Covid Self Test Kit India (15 Minutes Result) Price and Availability

Covid Self Test Kit India Price, instruction & how to use? covid-19 self test kit also known as rapid antigen test which approved by Indian Council of Medical Research. We will share you covid self test bhai online details on the web page. You will also get information how to use covid self test kit?

We all know that there are many who wants to get information regarding covid-19 self test kit. Also you will get clear instructions so please read out our article till end and get self covid test kit uses. Mylab Discovery solution for a new circular Rapid covid self test kit. And ICMR had granted approval to Pune best company mylab Discovery solution for the use of coviself test kit.

Coviself Covid Test Kit Instructions

CoviSelf Covid Self Test Kit

The CoviSelf Country’s first covid-19 Home test kit rapid antigen test. Add the price of this home test kit is Rs 250. And you are able to check the test results within 15 minutes. And information according to this can be useful to detect runaway infections and help with early detection. Covid Self Test Kit is very useful for early detection in areas where the rate of infection is very high.

Information Table of CoviSelf Home Test kit

Kit nameCoviSelf Covid Self Test Kit
Launched bymylab Discovery solution
Company LocationPune Based Company
ForCovid-19 Home Test Kit
Price of KitRs 250
Approved byICMR
Authorised ForAuthorised For – Non Prescribed Home Use Test Kit

How to use covid-19 Rapid Home Test Kit CoviSelf?

We all know that there are many who wants to use covi self home test kit. With the help of this Rapid antigen test it you are able to get result in just 15 minutes. The self use of this kit can be used by symptomatic individual or their intermediate contact of confirmed cases as per ICMR guidelines.

This is very helpful if you have any symptoms of covid-19, test themselves gold to isolation and get treatment quickly. Coviself is a prized non prescription home use Din self collected nasal swap sample for people aged 18 year or above. or any adult collect nasal swab sample for people aged 2 year or its above.

CoviSelf Home Test Kit Buy Online

We all know that there are many who wants to know covid-19 rapid test kit where they can buy test kit. These kids can be purchased without a prescription from local pharmacy and online channel partners. In this test kit consists of three field extraction tube, a sterile nasal swap, one test card, instructions for use of leaflets, and biohazard bag to safety disposal of material after testing.

We all know that, state Government and Central Government working very hard to control the situation of covid-19 pandemic. Now India based company has launched covid self test kit. Help of this self test kit of covid-19 you can use this at home without any prescription from doctor. In this article we will share how to use covid self test at home. Alto complete procedure you can buy and how to check self test kit result?

How to use Covid Self Test Kit?

If you want to use this application then you have to download a mobile application “Mylab Coviself”. This mobile application is available on google Play Store and Apple Play Store. On this application you will get complete guidelines to use Covi self home test kit. The data in the application bil centrally captured in a secure server that connected with ICMR Covid-19 Testing Portal.

To complete your test you have to insert nasal swap in both the nostrils up to 2-4 cm or until resistance is met. Now you have to roll the swap for 4-5 times in both nostrils. Then you have to immerse it in the pre filled tube and close the cap of the tube to avoid any spillagte. Put two drops of liquid from the tube and the testing card and wait for 15 minutes for the result.

How to Check Covid Self test Kit Price?

As for information there are two sections of this test part the first one is control and the second one is test section. After putting two drops of liquid on the card that if the bar shows a only at the control section. Then the result is negative. On other hand if the bar appears on both the control in text section when the test is positive.

This will take 5 to 7 minutes for the kit to detect a positive result but it is a still better to wait for 15 minutes for accurate results. According to ICMR advisory individual who test positive may be considered as true positive without the need of repeat testing. This is very essential to note that if your result took more than 20 minutes then it is not considerable to be accurate.

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The Mylab discovery solution currently has capacity of producing 70 lakh test kids per week. And this will be increased to 1 crore test kit by early June.

FAQs at Coviself Home Test kit

What is Covid Self Test Kit India?

This is rapid antigen test kit which can be used to get result of covid-19 at home without any prescription.

Who launched covid-19 self test kit?

mylab Discovery solution

How to use Covi self Home test Kit?

Complete procedure to use given in the above article.

What is covid-19 rapid home test kit coviself?

Covi self country’s first covid-19 home test kit for Rapid antigen test.

What is the price of Covid Self Test Kit Price?

Rs 250

Where to buy coviself test kit?

You can buy this kit from pharmacies and online channel partner.

Conclusion: I hope you will get complete information regarding Coviself Covid Self Test Kit India Price. For more details stay in touch with us and get latest updates. If you have any query/question then ask us in the comment section.

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