(Flipkart) Ekart Logistics Franchise Registration, Contact Number

Hello Everyone… Today discussion topic is Ekart logistics franchise registration, Contact Number, customer care number etc. Nowadays there are a lot of businesses that you can run as a side business. So, these days one of the most popular businesses that you can start in your city is Ekart logistics franchise registration .

Now, with the help of Flipkart logistics franchise apply online, we are going to answer the questions that come to your mind: How to get Ekart Logistics franchise in my city. We all know about Ekart Logistics which is one of the best Courier Delivery Company in India. So now if you are also interested in this business then read this article carefully.

Now, by reading the content of this article, we are going to provide you enough information about Ekart Logistics Franchise so that you can start your business by taking a franchise. Get Ekart logistics franchise registration and apply online for Flipkart logistics franchise. There are many who looking for Ekart logistics franchise application form & Ekart Logistics franchise contact number. Also get and know exact Ekart franchise cost and investment requirements.

Ekart logistics franchise registration

Ekart Logistics Franchise Registration

There are many such companies that deliver things to the people through the supply chain. But nowadays the most famous company in India is Ekart Logistics

Every month it delivered over 10 million couriers with 400 pins across the country. This Courier Ekart Logistics franchise guarantees the people who can do Same Day Delivery, Cash on Delivery and Guaranteed Delivery.

All the people who avail the services of this company will be satisfied with the company. Now this business is in fashion, so most of the big companies and businessmen want to cooperate with eKart chain services. You too can be a part of this Ekart Logistics franchise.

What is Ekart Logistics Franchise?

This Ekart Private Limited is one of the largest and most prominent e-commerce companies in India.

The company was started in 2009 and has a range of courier services across India. Now this company is making its mark all over India and providing its online and offline services in different parts of India. This company also works with various companies and corporations.

Now Flipkart logistics franchise has started in India also. In India alone, this Ekart company will supply goods to more than 1 crore people in a month.

By taking a franchise from this business, you can earn more profit and can also start your side business by partnering with the business.

Therefore, before you take the franchise out of business, you should collect all the information about the Ekart company.

Ekart Courier Franchise in India

We all know that ekart alone is the best courier company in India which delivered more than 10 million packages in a month. So if you also want to collaborate with the business and start your own Ekart Logistics franchise, you need to know about the business benefits that you can get in many other ways.

If you want to take a franchise (Flipkart logistics franchise apply online), the company will provide you the full details and set up your business.

You can set up your own Ekart Logistics Franchise by depositing a minimum amount of security deposit. The initial investment for Ekart Logistics Franchise is not that much. You can earn more money by paying a certain amount,

  • The terms and conditions of the business policy of the franchisee are very simple. which people understand.
  • You can offer your courier services across the country i.e. in any state of India.
  • In each delivery, you can earn high profit donated by the company.
  • You can also update your employees with the latest technology.

Requirements for Ekart logistics franchise application form in your city

So, to start your business, there are a few things that you need to establish before applying for the same. It is very important to make necessary arrangements for Ekart Logistics Franchise Registration.

  • Location Requirement :- The very first thing you want for starting this business is the location. Property ownership is the best option for starting a business. If you do not have your own property, you can buy the property or take an apartment for rent. Depending on the conditions, you should have a minimum of 450 square meters. meters to 550 square meters.
  • Training: Training is also an important requirement to start Ekart Logistics franchise in your city. To take training, you have to choose your nearest training center.
  • Investment: The most important thing is Ekart franchise cost. Later by investing a small amount you can earn more money for yourself. Within the framework of this e cart, you have two types of franchises, namely Master and Standard. You can choose according to your preference. Either way, you can get more money.
  • E kart Agreement:- Agreement is also one of the most important documents that you need to start Ekart Logistics Franchise. In this agreement, you must understand all the terms and conditions of the company in order to carry out your contract. From time to time, you are required to renew your contract.

List of documents

  • Here are the details of the documents that you must submit when taking the Ekart Logistics Franchise.
  • Ownership documents required for verification of candidate’s ownership.
  • Any applicant’s ID such as voter ID card, Aadhar card, etc.
  • Bank documents such as passbook and checkbook with the IFSC code and the name of the branch.
  • PAN and TPS card.

Ekart Logistics Franchise Apply Online

So now we are going to tell you how you can apply online and offline for Ekart Logistics Franchise.

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  • The first thing that you all need to understand is that you have not applied online for Ekart Logistics Franchise. You can submit the application form offline only.
  • Now you can submit the franchise application form offline.
  • You have to visit the e cart head office and then request the application form.
  • Now start filling the application form manually.
  • Then attach the list of documents given above.
  • For more details you can also contact the company on E-cart company helpline number.
  • Then submit the application form or send the offline application form to the office.

Ekart Franchise Official website


How to apply online for ekart franchise?

Complete procedure regarding Ekart Logistics Franchise Registration given above.

Is ekart franchise profitable?

Yes, We all know that ekart is the delivery partner with falipkart.

What are the requirements for Ekart logistics franchise In India?

Complete information regarding Requirements for Ekart logistics franchise given on same page.

How do I start a ekart franchise?

You just need to read out our whole details and you will get latest updates.

Conclusion: I Hope you will get complete information regarding the “How do I start a Ekart franchise? For more details stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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