Shyamalee chouhan registration

Shyamalee chouhan registration 2022 Assam gov in

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The government of Assam has registered the shyamalee chouhan scheme. This is one of the most important steps taken by Assam government to plant in Assam’s government institutions. This decision was taken at a District Development committee meeting. In participate in registration. You can complete your registration on the official website.

The instructions for plantation in government offices or institutions are required to ensure smooth implementation of the shyamalee chouhad gov in government. This will be a step forward for green India and climate changes.

shyamalee chouhan assam gov in Registration

Shyamalee chouhan registration

The official website of the Government of Assam for registration of shyamalee-chouhan has been launched. All departments will be able to implement the shyamalee-chouhan scheme after a District Development committee meeting has taken the decision.

Simply put, the shyamalee Chauhan scheme is a scheme to plant trees that was announced by Chief Minister himanta Biswa Sarma. We all know that the assam government has implemented many government programs for state employees. Under the leadership of tamatar Biswas, Sharma, Assam government made many decisions, including Scooty distribution to military students, cash price at 16000 rupees, scholarship scheme, and many others.

This program is also known as the chief Minister institutional planting program (CMIPP). The department science technology, climate change and the Chief Minister institution plantation program is responsible for this programme. CMIPP government also introduced shyamalee Chouhan Assam Gov in.

Shyamalee chouhan registration

The decision was taken at a meeting by the District Development committee. The government will plant trees in government buildings, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. And shyamalee chouhan assam gov in registration can be completed by institution headmaster/principal/director via online mode.

To participate in the shyamalee Chauhan Scheme assam 2022, you must register online. This article contains all information you need to know about Shyamali Chauhad.

Important dates:

  • Announcement Date: 13th July 2022
  • Start date: 15th July 2022
  • Last date: 15th August 2022

Shyamali Chauhan scheme in assam

As per information, around 10 thousand registration has completed on portal. The total area of plantation per hectare is 321. The total number of plants that were planted was 177. There are 64 medicinal plants, 102 fruit plants, 23 flower plants, and 35 landscape plants.

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shyamalee Chouhan Assam Gov in Registration

You will need to take a few simple steps to register for shyamalee Chauhan Assam Gov.

  • Open the official website first.
  • Here is the direct link.
  • Click on the registration button at the top of your home page.
  • A new page is displayed on your screen
  • Enter the required information, such as your mobile number. Next, verify your mobile number using otp.
  • Next, enter the name of the coordinator, email ID and designation.
  • The registration for the shyamalee Chauhan scheme is then required.
  • Send the application.

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