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Telangana state government has introduced telangana lunch box scheme In Telangana. Under this scheme Telangana government aims to provide meals to those pregnant women who are going for treatment in government hospitals. The scheme aims to lodge with a main objective to improve the health of pregnant ladies as well as unborn children. Today in this article we will describe complete benefits and eligibility criteria for Telangana Lunch box scheme.

Government of Telangana is going to launch lunch box scheme 2021. Under this scheme government will provide lunch box for pregnant women going for treatment in government hospitals. TS lunch box will provide benefits pregnant women from different villages will be provided with meal including curry and eggs file their visit to the hospital. This is a great initiative taken by Telangana government to provide nutritional food. This is can provide all benefits to hospital from remote villages. Telangana government has also implement scheme like KCR KIT Scheme & Amma Odi Scheme in government hospitals across the state.

Telangana lunch box scheme

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme

This is a great initiative that announced by Telangana government. Under this scheme all the pregnant ladies from different villages will get meal including curry and egg while on their visit to the hospital. The government deletes the delay in treatment at the hospital can lead to pregnant women not eating nutritional food. In the below paragraph we will describe a healthy diet benefits for pregnant moment and Unborn child. Not eating rice or nutritional food which can damage their health and affect their Unborn child.

Details of Telangana lunch boxes scheme

  • Name of scheme – lunchbox scheme
  • State – telangana
  • Launched by – telangana government
  • Main benefits – pregnant women
  • Nutritional food – provided to pregnant women while on their visit to the hospital

What are the benefits of healthy diet for pregnant women and Unborn child?

  • There are various benefits of eating healthy food for pregnant ladies as well as their babies.
  • Nutritional diet gives women more sustainable energy and stronger immune system.
  • And this will reduce risk of diseases.
  • This will also decrease complications.
  • With nutritional diet successful fetal development.
  • Also this will reduce the risk of getting sick.
  • Pregnant woman need to eat Bell and healthy diet for them self as well as baby’s health.

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Telangana government has started a great initiative to provide nutritional diet to the pregnant ladies. We all know that there are various government schemes that launched by Telangana government to provide direct benefits to the poor people. Telangana government has also implemented various other schemes in the government hospitals across the state.

Final words: I hope you will get complete information regarding Telangana lunchbox scheme. For more updated information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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